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The Collection: A Novella

Available on Kindle and Mass Market Paperback

In the wake of his estranged father's death, newspaper editor, Peter Dawson, discovers the old man, a renowned professor, owned an estate somewhere in the dense woodlands of Norfolk County. Also to his surprise is that a woman he's never met has inherited this place. Miss Inga Rapp was his father's last research partner in the concluding years of his life and seems particularly protective of the estate as well as a book containing all of their investigations into a collection of unusual objects.

Trying to overcome nightmares of his time in the Great War and memories of a bittersweet childhood, Peter finds himself drawn to understanding his father's final days and the research that caused him to lose his sanity. Once inside the house, he soon uncovers the secrets his father kept and the unimaginable horrors that await through every door.