COOKING ADVENTURES are a series of blog posts and videos. One new recipe created with little to moderate cooking experience often delivered painful, hilarious results. Sometimes, recipes turned out absolutely beautiful. Believe me, there's a wealth of laughs ahead. Follow the link to the left, sit down with a nice glass of wine, bottle of beer, or classic G&T and enjoy.


INSPIRATION THROUGH MUSIC is a blog highlighting specific genres, bands, and individuals that have helped boost my creativity while writing. In the early days, I'd pick up to five songs and write a little scene to go along with each of them. I believe that music is a gateway to clear thought while writing. Most of my best writing has been done while listening to instrumental pieces. They amplify mood and have a way of giving me a deeper connection with my characters and settings.

If you are interested in having your music featured on Inspiration Through Music, please email me at Include a little bit about yourself, a photo, and some samples of music. I can't guarantee that I'll feature it but I'll definitely give it a listen, see if it sparks any imagery, and let you know either way.


HORROR-FAIL FRIDAY is a collection of writing that I did long ago. It's often cringeworthy and being that way, I decided to have a little fun reminiscing by adding commentary to each chapter/section of writing. Let's be serious for a moment: as a young writer, I wrote a lot. None of it was spectacular and that's okay. I'm always going to be learning as I go and I'll always look back on my old stuff and wonder what I was thinking. But at least I can have a bit of fun and laugh at myself. Stories about vampires who turn into cats, secret agents on a skiing vacation, and tiny police stations that seem to randomly have access to government property... There are plenty more stories where those came from.