Aequitas: Book 2 of the Monstrum Chronicles

Aequitas: Book 2 of the Monstrum Chronicles


In this hauntingly reflective sequel to "Vox," Reid, having lost his privileges as a Councilman, discovers a terrible political plot that may be closer to home than he realizes. Torrent, in hiding from his bloodline, investigates a series of bizarre murders committed across the globe. As both of them race to prevent further damage and destruction, they will match wits against a brutal and cunning killer and face one of the most dangerous monstrum either has ever encountered.

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In the much anticipated sequel to 'Vox', Reid Ainsley is demoted from the Council following his actions taken during the Vox case. On his latest mission into an organ trafficking scheme, he discovers a plot so heinous, its consequences could destroy lilitu and mankind alike. In order to unravel the network of subterfuge within his own Council, he must dive into his past to find the answers he seeks. And he must protect Eileen, the Vox, someone who constantly reminds him of his humanity, even as he finds himself sinking deeper into the Monstrum he's become... Meanwhile, Torrent finds himself in Austria, investigating a series of gruesome murders which have occurred around the globe. Blamed for murdering his sire in cold blood, he is pursued by his elder sister's latest hire, a renowned tracker with whom Torrent has a history. With a hesitant sidekick, Vinh, together they hunt an elusive lilitu, Leach, a creature who's thirst for the macabre is never satisfied... Aequitas is thrilling, reflective, and terrifying. As they hurtle through snow-capped Montreal, seductive Paris, Istanbul's dark cisterns, and the twisted bowels of the Council's Bion Fortress, Reid and Torrent will have to come to terms with their pasts in order to face devious enemies and confront the most dangerous Monstrum either has ever encountered...

Finalist for the Speculative Fiction award at the 2013 Maine Literary Awards!